Guide to being a successful VRX Brand Ambassador.


As a VRX Brand Ambassador your primary objective is to sell VRX experiences to the public. This is actually more difficult than it sounds. The public at large have not been exposed to virtual reality, as such the majority of people that walk by a VRX kiosk have no idea what they're looking at and no idea what you're selling. An employee at a store selling sunglasses or greeting cards doesn't need to explain to passing customers what the purpose of their business is, the customer knows. That said, converting passersby into customers isn't impossible. There are VRX Brand Ambassadors that average over 10 sales an hour across all their shifts, week after week. The Brand Ambassadors that are successful and have consistently high sales per hour have figured out the key to generating sales; approaching every person they can. This is mostly a "numbers game,"  the more people you pitch, the more sales you'll make.

There are a couple things outside of just simply approaching everyone that will help you be successful in this role. You're also going to need enthusiasm, a professional & positive demeanor and a sales strategy


It's hard to be enthusiastic every time we come into work and it's hard to maintain enthusiasm for something that we've become really familiar with, like VR if we work with it every day. That said, enthusiasm is contagious and if you approach potential customers with excitement in your eyes and in your body language then you will see them get excited about what you're selling, no matter what you're selling.

So, how do you stay enthusiastic and how can you project excitement. 


Keep in mind that the people who try VR for the first time 

A Professional & Positive Demeanor:

Sales Strategy: