JIGSAW VR eXperience

Jigsaw web.jpg

This halloween, the ultimate horror escape...

The Jigsaw VR eXperience transports the player into the world of the film to play Jigsaw’s final game.

As they find themselves, and a competitor, bound to a chair that is being pulled toward a range of swinging saw blades, the player must navigate their pace to the end of the room to reach the pressure pad first. If they do this, they will have the choice to live or die. Live, and the competitor does not. Die, game over.

Upon choosing to live, the player is moved to the next room. Here they must complete a puzzle box in order to unlock a key that will set them free. But the chain continues to pull them toward a range of blades that will dismember them if they do not complete the task in time.

Complete the task, the player wins and is set free. Do not complete the task, the player is relieved of their limbs.

Must be 17 year or older to play.